The Benefits of Using Acupuncture for Insomnia

You may not have considered the possibility of using acupuncture for insomnia, but this alternative therapy could be a big help. Most people who have insomnia for more than a few days quickly turn to medications, but many sleep drugs come with serious side effects.

They’re also usually only temporarily effective and can even result in dependencies. Acupuncture is much safer and produces few to no side effects. Plus, it’s impossible to become dependent on it.

acupuncture for insomniaAbout Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a common practice in Chinese traditional medicine. It works by redirecting the flow of energy, known as qi, in the human body. This redirection is accomplished by inserting long needles at specific points, known as meridians. Since acupuncture often produces calming effects, it makes an excellent treatment for insomnia.

How Acupuncture Works for Insomnia

Standard acupuncture practice divides insomnia up into several different categories. The acupuncturist can only provide correct treatment when he or she knows which qi flows need to be redirected.

  • Difficulty falling asleep – Yang qi has been blocked from yin portions of the body, preventing complete relaxation.
  • Waking up during the night – This problem occurs when your body traps internal “heat.” When this energy can’t dissipate, insomnia occurs.
  • Waking too early – This is associated with poor yin energy from the kidneys. It’s often associated with lifestyle problems.
  • Vivid and disturbing dreams – This is attributed to “heart fire” or “liver deficiency heat,” problems that prevent you from relaxing and keep your brain too active.
  • Complete inability to sleep – Acupuncturists say that this problem is caused by problems in the spleen or liver, which reduce the quantity and quality of blood in the body.

Each different type of insomnia receives different acupuncture treatment, but the overall goal is the same. Your acupuncturist will work to unravel stress and put your internal energies back into balance, helping you calm down.

Some people even fall asleep during treatment!

In many cases, the best sleep occurs right after receiving a treatment. You may continue to sleep soundly after that, or you may experience symptoms again just a few days or weeks later.

In these instances, you have a more serious imbalance that will need multiple treatments. In either case, using acupuncture for insomnia provides an effective alternative to potentially-addicting drugs.

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