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People all across the world are looking for snoring solutions, whether they want to help themselves or a partner.

That’s because snoring is more than just a noisy annoyance. It often leads to poor quality sleep in both partners, resulting in irritability, tiredness during the day, and an increased chance of getting sick.

People who suffer from severe snoring may also find that it causes problems in their relationships. This can include an increased risk of arguments, as well as loss of intimacy caused by sleeping apart.

Snoring can even indicate serious underlying health problems, such as growths in the nose and throat or sleep apnea. It should never be mistaken for a minor problem. This leaves many people desperate and willing to try any snoring cures they encounter.

Before you can choose the best snoring remedies for your situation, however, you need to understand why snoring occurs.


Snoring is a fairly obvious disorder. It occurs when the air moving through a person’s nose and throat causes the soft tissue to vibrate. When people are awake, they use the same vibrations to speak. When they’re asleep, those vibrations are uncontrolled.

Snoring may involve snorting sounds, loud “sawing” noises, nasal whistles and a range of other sounds. It may be consistent or irregular. Some people snore more because they naturally have softer tissue or more of it.


The following causes can cause snoring to develop or increase in frequency or severity.

  • Age
  • Loss of muscle tone in the throat
  • Smoking or drinking
  • Weight gain
  • Poor physical condition
  • Congenital nose and throat abnormalities
  • Narrowed breathing passages
  • Allergies, colds and other respiratory disorders
  • Nasal polyps and other growths
  • Taking some medications
  • Poor sleep posture

Anyone can develop a snoring problem, but the condition is more likely to appear in men, who naturally have narrower breathing passages.

Those with larger neck circumferences are also more likely to start snoring, even if the larger size of their necks is due to muscle development rather than fat. This is because larger necks are more likely to compress the air passages, making it harder to breathe.

Some people may have a more serious underlying problem if they snore regularly and loudly. Called sleep apnea, this sleep disorder actually obstructs breathing completely, causing frequent wake-ups.

Sleep apnea causes extreme fatigue and can contribute to a range of health issues. This snoring cause can even be life-threatening in severe cases.


Finding the right snoring cures often depends on figuring out the underlying cause of the snoring. Fortunately, there are some treatment options that are inexpensive and work for most patients.

These all-purpose snoring solutions include:

  • Weight loss
  • Increased physical activity
  • Establishing healthy, regular sleep patterns
  • Reduction in smoking and drinking
  • Reduction in sedative and sleeping pill use
  • Sleeping on your side with your head elevated
  • Using a humidifier in dry climates
  • Avoiding dairy products before bed

Even in severe cases and patients who also have sleep apnea, these behaviors can do a lot to reduce snoring. They aren’t necessarily snoring cures, though.

If the snoring problem has been caused by an illness, growth, or other condition, you may have to participate in physical therapy, have surgery, or wear a medical device when you sleep. These snoring solutions may seem expensive or complicated, but they can lead to healthier sleep and a better quality of life.

Here are a few more advanced snoring remedies:

  • Mouth, throat, and jaw exercises to strengthen and tone soft tissue
  • Dental appliances or lower jaw positioners to open your airways during sleep
  • Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines
  • Surgical removal of soft tissue, including polyps and other growths
  • Surgical implantation of plastic devices to stiffen soft tissue

Patients should seek medical snoring solutions and the advice of a doctor whenever their partners report that they snore heavily and loudly, especially if they gasp, twitch or choke while they’re asleep.

Other “red flags” for snoring include extreme daytime tiredness and a tendency to fall asleep at inappropriate times. Some people may even find themselves asleep at meals or during conversations.

If you have these symptoms, your doctor may use home or clinic-based sleep tests to identify whether your snoring is caused by a more serious problem. Then, you can discuss the snoring solutions available to you.

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